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Saturday, May 30, 2015

ELF Beautifully Bare Collection Reviews

ELF's Beautifully Bare Collection is out and selling like crazy. Because it looks like all of these products are limited edition, I wanted to get my review out there ASAP! Formulated to help you achieve that "no makeup" makeup look so many are after - especially as the weather warms up, most of these product will stand up to the heat and humidity of Summer. Find out what I think of them below:

Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum- This super-light and slightly watery foundation takes quite a bit of buffing to completely blend into the skin. But once it does, the result is an even complexion that still manages to retain natural features - like freckles and discoloration. The texture is so feather-light that it's easy to forget you're wearing anything at all! Given how watery this formula was, I was convinced it would melt right off my face. I'm pleased to say that it stood up to my combination skin! By the end of the day, the foundation was relatively in tact, and had only developed a slight dewiness that I actually like! If you're a fan of a natural-looking, lightweight foundation, this is one you'll want to check out. 

Beautifully Bare Blending Brush - ELF has a solid history of producing great brushes, so I was eager to try this one. The unique fan shape and dense bristles make this brush a multi-tasker at its best - I love it for applying foundation, under-eye concealer, powder, bronzer, blush (in fact, I used it to apply the cream blushes within the Beautifully Bare collection), and highlight. After giving it a few washings, I was pleased with how little it shed (which was actually not at all - yay!). This is the hands-down must-have in this collection, so get it while you can!

Beautifully Bare Cream Blush - Unlike so many cream blushes, these truly dry down to a powder finish. Cream blushes will often claim to set completely, only to leave you with a dewy, or "sticky" finish that transfers to everything. I'm happy to say that's not the case with these, however the pigmentation and wear time left a little to be desired. Medium to deep skin tones might find that these aren't buildable enough to make the cut, and I found it hard to get them to last more than 6 hours. Of all the products in this collection, these aren't bad, but they're not my favorite. 

Beautifully Bare Lash Tint - Those that love IT Cosmetics Tightline mascara are going to love this one! The ultra-thin wand makes it easy for applying mascara close to the lash line, and mimic the appearance of liner along your waterline (a technique known as "tightlining"). But ELF's brush is slightly different in that the longer bristles can hold enough product to achieve a full application from root to tip. The result is lashes that are lengthened and defined, yet very natural looking. The wear time of this mascara is stellar. I didn't experience any flaking or smudging - even through the crazy rain and humidity we've been having here in Austin!

Beautifully Bare Defining Mascara - This mascara has a more traditional wand with a slightly tapered, and angled tip to help get smaller lashes in the inner corner, or along the lower lash line. Despite promising definition, I found that mascara added more volume to my lashes, making them seem extra light an fluttery. It made my lashes look slightly different than (although just as natural as) the Bare Lash Tint did, and it has a similar wear quality to boot. Ultimately, both provide very natural-looking lashes, so which one you choose will all depend on the look you're trying to achieve. 

Will you be picking up anything from ELF's Beautifully Bare Collection?

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