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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review & Swatches: Hard Candy Fierce Effects Daring Lip Gloss

Hard Candy has had some top notch launches as of late. So, when I spotted their new Fierce Effects daring lip glosses while strolling in Walmart, I knew I needed to see if these followed suit. Here are the shades I grabbed:

Make Me Blush: a light rosy pink with a milky finish
Plum Diva: a deep plum with medium coverage
Daredevil: a bold, opaque blue-based red
Contraband: a sheer tangerine

The theme with these glosses seems to be high shine with (mostly) complete opacity. I'm glad I picked up a variety of shades because there's some inconsistency in the way each wears. For instance, Daredevil (my absolute favorite pick from the line) is completely opaque, while Plum Diva has an abundance of pigment that tends to lay unevenly after about 5 minutes of wear, and Contraband is surprisingly sheer.

These are a gel-based gloss, so the consistency is ultra-smooth, and very light. But the thin texture can also lead to a lot of movement throughout wear, and a lot of feathering - an absolute no-no when it comes to bold lip shades. In the video below, you can see just how much these move after less than an hour of wear - and that's with a primer!

While I love the high-shine finish, I can't get past how quickly these move, and how easily they feather. I find I'm constantly looking for a mirror to make sure these haven't left me with a smudged mess around my mouth. If you love the way these look, and have a secret to keep gloss in place, I highly recommend Daredevil. The lacquered finish and intense pigmentation are so unique - especially for a $5 gloss. But you have to be prepared to touch up frequently to ensure it stays in place. 

Make Me Blush | Plum Diva | Daredevil | Contraband

Make Me Blush

Plum Diva



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