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Saturday, November 7, 2015

LOC (Love of Color): Tati + Birchbox Review

When Tati announced her makeup partnership with Birchbox, I knew I needed to see what the Glam Life Guru would come up with. Flash forward to the launch of an entirely new brand call LOC (Love of Color), and I was first in line to buy when it launched on the Birchbox site. The collection consists of 5 One-And-Done eye crayons ($10 a piece) and 3 lip crayons ($8 a piece) - all of which can be purchased both individually and in various sets. 

Because I couldn't help myself, I bought The Ultimate Collection which, as you might have guessed, includes all of the products in the collection. Let's start with the eye pencils. Given the name, these are supposed to be pencils you can swipe across the lid, pat to blend, and be on your way. I'm happy to say these didn't disappoint! Each shade is shimmery, and in some cases verging on metallic, so they're very multifaceted. They apply smoothly and evenly, and once they dry down, they don't budge. The before and after photos at the bottom of the post show a full day's wear without using a primer underneath! A+ to all shades - there isn't a dud in the bunch.

The lips are a slightly different story. For the most part each shade glides on effortlessly with complete opacity, and has surprising lasting power given that they don't dry completely down. As a result, they aren't completely transfer proof, but will last through minor eating and drinking events. I found I needed a complete reapplication after lunch - as is the case for me with nearly every traditional lipstick formula. Both bold shades, Wildest Dreams and Glam Life, were the top performers when it came to wear. First Kiss left a little to be desired in the pigmentation department - it's definitely not a universal nude. Because it lacks complete opacity, it took my natural lip color down to a cooler chalky hue. Those with cooler undertones might find it works for them, but it made me look a little, ummm, dead. Still, two out of three ain't bad!

Overall, this is a fantastic collection for the beauty lover looking for a simple, but glam look that gets you out the door in less than 5 minutes and lasts all day.

Wearing: Impress Me and Glam Life

Wearing: Day Trip and Wildest Dreams