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Monday, January 18, 2016

Makeup Wars: Favorite Beauty Tools

In this week's Makeup Wars, we're covering our favorite beauty tools. While I'm not a huge beauty techie, I definitely rely on more than just my hands to get the job done. Here are my favorites:

The Splurge: The TEMPTU Air is a new handheld version of its older sibling - a more traditional airbrush system. TEMPTU first innovated with their pod-style system where you simply replace pods to change products. No cleaning, minimal maintenance. Still, despite loving the quality and longevity of the products, the compressor and pods were a lot of parts to juggle and took up space on my counter. As a result, they slowly found their way to a drawer in favor of other foundations that were a little less cumbersome.

Enter their new TEMPTU Air - a handheld airbrush device. I just charge this guy up, and get almost a week of makeup application without needing to recharge. There aren't any power cords to dictate where you do your makeup, or compressor cords to keep you close to close to a machine. This device has changed my airbrush game by making it so much easier to store, use, and travel with. If you're new to airbrushing or TEMPTU, you can get a taste of the airbrushing basics with the Essentials Kit!

The Save: For something more traditional (that doesn't whir or buzz around your face), I have a newly discovered budget buy that has all of your basic brush needs covered: the ELF Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection. ELF has always been on top of their tool game, but has recently stepped it up with a complete face brush set that includes every brush you could need for a full face of makeup, and then some. The quality is similar to the brushes you find in their Studio line (typically sold for $3-6 individually), but you're getting these for less than $2 a piece. Steal!